Dive Into the Ocean of PR

PRSSA 2017 Regional Conference, hosted by San Diego State University

Meet the Team


Mikayla Duchene – Dir. of special events for PRSSA SDSU and conference coordinator

Hi y’all. My name is Mikayla and I am the SDSU PRSSA director of special events and regional conference coordinator. I am a senior PR student with experience in sports PR from the Chargers and Super Bowl LI. After graduating this spring, I will keep trekking down the path of sports PR. It is truly an honor to host all of you for one of the PRSSA 2017 Regional Conferences.  This conference would not have been possible without the help of my wonderful committee and fellow executive board members. I will forever be grateful for all of their assistance.

Thank you all for choosing to attend our conference and we look forward to helping you dive into your future career.


Graciella Regua – President of PRSSA SDSU

My name is Graciella Regua and I’m a junior majoring in public relations and current SDSU PRSSA president. I am so excited for our chapter to host a regional conference this year. This is my third year as a PRSSA member and second year on the executive board so it’s been absolutely incredible to see our chapter flourish. San Diego is an amazing city for a budding PR professional and I can’t wait to share a taste of it with all of our attendees.


Cassandra Kaawaloa -Vice president of PRSSA SDSU

My name is Cassie Kaawaloa and I am senior at SDSU and a PRSSA member of two years. As a born and raised Army brat I know that life will take you anywhere that you allow it to, a point to be proven almost immediately after I joined PRSSA my sophomore year at SDSU and found community, inspiration and plenty of opportunities. I also know that the best things in life are free and covered in chocolate, and I enjoy perusing lifestyle blogs and podcasts in my free time.


Natalia Xibille Miramontes – Communications manager

 Although it’s cliche, joining PRSSA was one of the best decisions I made in college. Through PRSSA I was introduced to remarkable professionals that inspired me to pursue a career in PR. I’m now a senior PR major and am thrilled to be a part of SDSU’s first ever PRSSA Regional Conference. I hope our guests enjoy their conference experience and walk away feeling proud to be a part of this exciting field.


Hector Zermeno – Social media coordinator

Hello everyone. My name is Hector and I am the social media coordinator for the PRSSA 2017 Regional Conference hosted by the SDSU chapter. I am a junior PR student and a new member of the SDSU PRSSA family. I am eager to expand my knowledge and grow as a professional with the help of this amazing organization and its members. After graduating, I plan on pursuing a career in public affairs with the National Park Service or with a similar organization that will allow me to make a positive impact in the environment and in people’s lives. I cannot wait to welcome all of you to SDSU for this year’s regional conference. Come dive into a great experience.


Allison Bawden – Facilities manager

My name is Allison Bawden. I am a senior public relations student at SDSU and the facilities manager for this upcoming PRSSA Regional Conference. I am passionate about using my education and skills as a PR professional to inspire positive change and promote ethical businesses. My favorite thing about PRSSA is collaborating and connecting with wonderful like-minded people, and I am looking forward to meeting more at the conference.


Jenna Bisla – Activities manager

As a freshman, I wish to learn more about PR. I joined PRSSA to meet new, creative people who could help me grow. In order to meet my goal of learning more about PR, being a committee member for this year’s conference was the best opportunity. I’m looking forward to all the networking opportunities available while seeing the final product of our hard work shine through. I aspire to be a PR consultant for large corporations and take with me the knowledge I’ve gained from PRSSA.


Alexi Erickson – Finance manager

My name is Alexi, I came from Alaska to begin my education as a freshman at San Diego State University in the public relations program. I joined PRSSA this year to deepen my roots on campus and to join the future public relations professionals. In just a semester, PRSSA and all of the members at SDSU PRSSA have taught me and inspired me. I look forward to being involved on the conference board and getting the opportunity to learn from all of our amazing guest speakers and guest PRSSA chapters.


Amanda Tran – Registration manager

My name is Amanda Tran and I am a senior at SDSU. I joined PRSSA sophomore year because many professors recommended it, but little did I know how inspiring and motivating this organization would become to me. I wanted to be on the PRSSA Regional Conference Committee because this is such a huge opportunity for SDSU and our PRSSA chapter. This is my first PRSSA Regional Conference and I’m so excited to make new connections.